We are Johan and Marianne Balemans , We live in Zegge

a small town near the Belgian border.

Our Ragdolls mean a lot to us ,

They are a part of our family.

We do whatever we can to make them feel comfortable and at home

The entire house is at their disposal and they even have a

Outdoor cat enclosure  which they can enter or leave whenever they want to.

If we are at home they can use the garden which has a pond

they truly love.

The garden itself is secured with an electric fence to ward

off other cats and to keep ours from running away.

Every now and then we have kittens that grown up in a

homely surroundings.

This way they get used to every day noises and the other cats

And in turn that makes them very sweet and affectionate.

After 13 weeks the kittens can go to their new owners.

By that time they will have been dewormed (3x) vaccinated (2x)

chipped and they will have a pedigree.

Our tomcats are often inside the house wearing a pants of


But they also have their own residence with an  outside run

The tomcats residence is equipped with GLA airdesinfector

airconditioning , heating and securiti camera.

Our cats are tested every year for HCM-PKD -CIN and


If you have any questions contact us by phone or e-mail

0031-165547730 / or 0031 628489921